Can a 3D water vapor fireplace be heated, and what are the features and advantages?

The main function of the 3D water vapor electric fireplace is decorative, rendering the atmosphere, without the function of heating. The reason for this is to start with the principle of the fireplace.


The principle of a 3D water steam electric fireplace is to use ultrasonic waves to create a fog, design the right flow, and then project the light as a simulation of a three-dimensional fake flame. Therefore, the installation of the water steam fireplace is sunken, it’s surface in addition to imitating the flame, there is no other installation.


3D water vapor steam fireplace


If the water vapor electric fireplace can be heated, the heating component is bound to be on the body, the heating principle is the same as the hairdryer. In such a construction principle, when you embed the water vapor fireplace in the marble or other exterior cladding material recess, the marble exterior cladding surface needs to be reserved for air vents, but such a decorative effect may not be what you want.

In addition, the hot airflow from the heating vent will lead to turbulent airflow around the water vapor steam electric fireplace, so that the water mist from the fireplace to the front or downward activity, directly affects the effect of the fog fireplace originally imitated the flame.

Therefore, the 3D water vapor steam electric fireplace is not heating.


3D water vapor electric fireplace


The main feature and advantage of the 3D water vapor electric fireplace is the realistic and dream-like effect. It can add the right amount of comfort and ambiance to your house, home, and create the necessary scene needed to create stunning spatial focal points and build conversations. The flame and smoke effects provide a realistic feeling never before seen in a traditional electric fireplace. And the water steam fireplace can also be adapted to a variety of places, creating a dreamy experience that resembles and is different from a real fire, and is an excellent choice for furniture, hotel, bar, and other decoration design.