You Should Know When Buying an Electric Fireplace

In today’s fast-paced work and life, the traditional fireplace has been unable to meet consumer demand; people are more eager to enjoy the fireplace to bring that natural, warm, romantic leisure feeling, so the electric fireplace was born.

Electric fireplace

This article is mainly for you to solve the following problems.

  • What is an electric fireplace? What are the advantages of an electric fireplace?
  • How to choose an electric fireplace? How to distinguish between a good and bad electric fireplace?
  • Electric fireplace range of application

What is an electric fireplace?

Professionally speaking, the electric fireplace is known as the simulation of fire fireplace, commonly speaking, the electric fireplace is also called fake fire fireplace, its working principle is the combination of modern acoustic and optical principles and shape design, so that the traditional fireplace form in technology nirvana, without losing the elegant and dignified at the same time focus on environmental protection and real fireplace the same sensory experience, in this reflection of light into the two-dimensional plane, the most beautiful presentation of the simulation of flame.

Electric fireplace

Electric fireplace advantages

An electric fireplace without flue design, including embedded models, all-electric fireplaces can be installed by matching the pre-selected wooden mantel to directly place the installation, that is, take that is used, that is, remove that is gone, simplify the installation operation is that you can maximize the use of this design element within the space, so that the focus is released, the design magnified into infinite possibilities.

And in the installation of the fireplace core it can be said to be more extraordinarily simple, you need to do is to prepare a 10A socket near the reserved location, the electric fireplace comes with a power cord that can generally have more than a meter long or so, so the thickness of the supporting fireplace frame must be good discretion, the general thickness of the domestic use of the fireplace core for 200MM, the thickness of some of the larger son fire viewing experience with the simulation of the fire feeling will enhance a great grade The hole reserved for the fireplace core must also be in accordance with the embedded thickness of the fireplace core to determine, generally speaking, will be more than the thickness of the fireplace core about 30MM.

Electric fireplace heating principle

Electric fireplace heating principle is through the built-in fan to disperse the hot air obtained after heating electric heating wire to achieve the effect of space insulation heating. Its power determines the effect of heating, now the common electric fireplace on the market is usually in accordance with the EU standard and the American standard to determine (European standard power: 900W/1800W; American standard power: 750W/1500W), but the actual heating area of these two standards are in about 20 square meters, and both are also very energy efficient.

decorative video flame inserted electric fireplace

Electric fireplace selection criteria

  • Exquisite workmanship, fine craftsmanship, durable internal electronic components
  • the simulation of the simulated flame generated and the real flame is highly similar, there is a misconception in this regard, in which the electric fireplace generated 2D flat screen of simulated firewood is not the redder the better, on the contrary, the closer to the real wood-burning after the state of the better fireplace.

If you have a careful observation of the wood-burning fireplace, then you can find that most of the charcoal fire shows part of the black, a part may be white, which is the natural form of wood in the beginning, during, and after the end of the burning process.

Electric fireplace applicable scenes

Living room, model room, store, high-end club, villa mansion, cafe, entrance partition, etc.